Audio Elements

Audio Elements is full featured music app with Recording,Mixing, Live Playback with Effects and Multi Tracking. Edit your song and composition and export to local memory and share wherever you want.

Don't let your composition and creation just go away. Record and save today you will enjoy to hear upcoming days. It's always fun to create new songs. Create every day new song.

Record your instrument and merge with your vocal with it's mutlitracking feature. Use karaoke track and record your voice other side.

Main Features

  • - Live Playback

    Hear what you are speaking or singing with live monitor option. You can do karaoke by loading favourite song too.

  • -Recording

    Record whatever you wish to. Pause the record in the middle and resume again. Retake the recording. Append new recorded clip.

  • -Editing

    Edit your track clips. Editing supports with unlimited undo-redo features. Some editing options are split,cut,paste,move,clip-gain control,range,erase clip and many more. Enable grid view for better editing. Enable looper with range to hear same portion repeatedly.

  • - RealTime Effects

    Use our real time effects for tracks or live playback. Reverb , Equalizer, Compressor, Echo-Delay, Flangers are the basic real time processor of Audio Elements.

  • -Offline Processing

    Apply offline processing to separate clips. Fade in/out, Pitch-shift, Time-Stretch.

  • -MultiTracking

    Add more than one track with multi tracking feature. Like, record guitar and vocal separately finally mix them.

  • -Mixing

    Separate mixer is provided with volume and panning control.

  • -Track Controller

    Track controller have FX, mono, solo, record switch. Can load both mono and stereo audio file with supported format ads .mp3, .wav, .m4a, etc.

  • -Project

    Save project or work-space for future work. Export mix-down audio in mp3, wav format.

How To Use (Instructions)

Please follow following steps to get started.

  • Start by recording any vocal or instrument, it will be automatically added to tracks tab.

  • You can even add tracks from your memory device (music files), just click add button in tracks tab, select music database or explorer. select any mp3, m4a, wav files

  • To remove any track, remove icon is provided for every separate track.

  • In the effect tabs, effect rooms are given for each separate track.

  • you must turn on any effects you would like to use.

  • Long press on clip for offline processing like fade in/out,pitch shift etc.

  • Mixer is provide in separate tab. Change volume as well as panning can be done for mixing

  • Editing bar will appear once you click on edit button inside tracks tab.

  • To cut a range first make a range.

  • Paste after cut is successful.

  • Erase will work piece by piece. If you want to make pieces just split using split button.

  • Can move the position of any pieces with move button.

  • Can perform fade-in and out with Gain-Auto.

  • Live Playback can be enabled by clicking live button. it works only when headphones or earphone is inserted, to avoid unwanted echo. It is still experimental feature, let it turned off if you hear too much feedback and high latency.

  • Change Master volume for master output control.

  • Export to mp3/wav from project tab.

  • Save your work before exiting.




Insert track or recorded audio with track controller.



Volume controller with pan control. Can be use for mastering.



Real time effects. Turn on effect and start playing around with it.



Editing with available tools.


Live Playback

Real Time karoake playback


Saving or Exporting

Save as project or export as file.