Video Elements

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Video Elements is full featured video editing app, Multi layering video tool where you can add music, titles, effects, filters and many more.

Create best content videos to upload for YouTube, facebook, instagram, TikTok, Twitter.

Best editing tool where you can split/cut, reposition clip, zoom view, dynamic aspect ratio change and many more.




Create multi layer video both audio and video.



Edit video frame by frame, split, erase, duplicate.



Add some fancy titles and text.


Resizable Preview

Resize or drag the collapsable to increase the editor preview.


Dynamic Aspect Ratio

Change aspect ratio anytime without creating new project.


Export and share

Easy to export and share the final video to any platform.


Getting started with Video Elements

  • Once app is installed, you will be redirected to project list page.
  • You can find the create project button in the same page.
  • Click and choose any media file you wanted to add, you can add multiple media file at a same time.
  • Once selection is done it will open video editor with all the clips added above.
  • Since the project is auto save, once you comeback of the editor, the project will be automatically saved.
  • Clicking export button will create the final video of your project.
  • Clicking back button will take back to project page.
  • Bottom there are multiple editing tools, it will be disabled by default. Touch any clip to activate the editing tools.
  • In the fly you can add more media file or graphics like Titles by clicking plus button lying the bottom left of the editor page.
  • Dynamic preview resize button is available in the mid right of the screen, drag it upward and downward to resize the preview size.
  • Change the aspect ratio on the fly with button in the same bar with undo redo button.
  • Track controller can be seen by enabling the button lies in the same bar.
  • Below is the video that will help to get started for new session.


  • Split button is used to split the clip into two. Select the desired clip and click the split button.
  • Select the desired clip and press delete button to remove clip.
  • Chnage animation by clicking animatin button
  • Change FX/effects with effects button.
  • Mute/Unmute change volume by clicking audio button
  • You can change the filter as well as color accordingly.
  • Use transform button to scale,rotate, crop the clip
  • Duplicate button will make the copy of the clip selected.
  • Saving and Exporting

  • Click export button on the top right of the screen.
  • Choose the resolution you want to save.
  • Change bitrate to vary quality of video more the value more the quality but higher space and export time taken.
  • Cancle anytime if you don't want to continue.
  • Once the export is completed, it is ready for share. It will be stored in the phone storage too.
  • Videos

    Some of the reference videos